Personal Essay: Tahoe

Tahoe The closest thing to “magic” that I have ever experienced was when me and the volatile group of my seven closest friends (Gabriel, Jaden, Jay, Perri, Patrick, Braiden, Kyle) were all loaded into a pair of cars and driven up into snowy Tahoe, to spend three days straight in a cosy vacation cabin. By the time this trip was over, the three days had been extended to five days, and the cabin and its surrounding areas were a war-zone, in the completely literal sense. You see, it’s very rare that a group goes as hard as we did during those five days of combat and glory. When we were first informed of this trip by Jaden, through him relaying us the message that his parents had room for “A couple extra friends” during their supposedly quiet getaway vacation, everyone wanted in. And through a complicated display of bad communication skills, everyone got in. This quiet little getaway planned by Jaden’s parents had just turned into World War III. We brought airsoft guns, too much ammo, and no …

Poem: Friendship

Dear god, how I yearn to hear their laughter and contribute my own At a home, at the store, on a walk We hang and we laugh and we talk. It's a night with the boys, the guys the fellas. Exchanging woes, stories and thoughts. Discussing our hopes and dreams, or just laughing at dumb memes. To be with the boys is to be alive.
To howl with the wolves in the dead of night.

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